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Nickel plating is used mostly as a base coating for decorative chrome, as it produces the desired gloss and corrosion protection for the base material. Surface of nickel / chrome is strong, good-looking and provides a reasonable protection for the base material. Nickel plating is used as well as finishing of the surface without chrome. Nickel is silvery-white metal with a satin to bright luster and a slight trace of a gold coloring. As it is also a hard metal with a high endurance to wear, nickel, when used in nickel plating services and combined with various levels of phosphorus, is often applied as a base layer for its leveling and smoothing characteristics and ability to provide greater wear and corrosion resistance.


Benefits of nickel electroplating start with corrosion resistance, as the process creates a microcrystalline structure that is less porous and provides a strong barrier to basis metals.

Nickel plating offer excellent wear resistance and can be further fortified by extreme heat treatments and the use of diamond composites. Alloyed with other metals such as tin or tungsten, nickel electroplating delivers exceptional resistance to the elements, hardness and conductivity that lend itself to numerous applications.